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Education & Examination

To qualify as an actuary, one needs to pass a series of professional examinations.  Currently, the ASHK does not organize its own examinations.  Rather it relies on the examination systems of the various overseas bodies.  Further information on the syllabus and other examination arrangements can be obtained directly from these bodies. Their contact details are:

•  Casualty Actuarial Society (US) 
   Suite 250
   4350 North Fairfax Drive
   Arlington, Virginia 22203
   Tel: (1) 703 276 3100
   Fax: (1) 703 276 3108

• The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK)
  Maclaurin House
  18 Dublin Street
  Edinburgh EH1 3PP

Staple Inn Hall

  High Holborn

  London WC1V 7QJ

Napier House 
  4 Worcester Street 
  Oxford OX1 2AW 

  Tel: (
44) 20 7632 2100
(44) 131 240 1313 (Maclaurin House)

          (44) 20 7632 2111 (Staple Inn)

          (44) 1865 268 211 (Napier House)
  Email: institute&


•  Actuaries Institute Australia
   Level 2, 50 Carrington Street
   Sydney NSW 2000
   Tel: (61) 2 9239 6100
   Fax: (61) 2 9239 6170

•  Society of Actuaries (US)
   Suite 600
   475 North Martingale Road
   Schaumburg, Illinois 60173-2226
   Tel: (1) 847 706 3500
   Fax: (1) 847 706 3599

It is up to individuals to consider which body they wish to study through.  Syllabus differs slightly between bodies from different countries, but the examinations offered by the above actuarial bodies are internationally recognized.

Since 2002, the ASHK has received approval from the Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission to set up a Chinese actuarial examination centre in Hong Kong.  For the Hong Kong Examination Centre, part of the Associateship and Fellowship courses are offered to candidates from Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere in the September diet of the exams.

There are an increasing number of educational institutions offering actuarial science programs.  Each institution will adopt part of the syllabus and exam structure of a particular actuarial body, for example, universities in Hong Kong follow the syllabus as set out by the Society of Actuaries, U.S.  An increasingly popular option is to take an actuarial science course.  To view lists of actuarial courses provided by local and overseas educational institutions, please click:

•  Local Universities Offering Actuarial Programs
•  Overseas Universities Offering Actuarial Programs

Graduation from the actuarial science program does not imply that one has passed the professional examinations set by the actuarial bodies.  A graduate may be granted exemptions from some of the examination subjects in particular bodies if he/she has cleared the examinations in university with sufficiently high grades.  He/She has to complete the remaining professional examinations at work.

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