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Membership Benefits

The ASHK members can receive a wide range of programs and services as follows:

▪  Continuing Professional Development

ASHK members can attend the CPD programs at member rates versus non-member rates. These programs include luncheons, evening talks, seminars and appointed actuaries symposium. Speakers from around the world have presented which has allowed members to keep updated on actuarial thinking.

▪  Job Advertisement

As a benefit of ASHK membership, members are eligible to access actuarial job postings from local and international actuarial employers.

▪  Newsletters

ASHK members will receive newsletters issued by the ASHK, the International Actuarial Association and the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to keep abreast with the latest happenings in the Council and the local and global profession.

▪  Best Paper Award

The ASHK Annual Award for outstanding actuarial papers has been introduced since 2003. The top 3 winners will be presented with their awards at the ASHK Annual General Meeting. In addition, their papers will be posted on the ASHK website as recognition of their achievements.

▪  Networking

To enhance networking among members, the ASHK organizes actuarial circles (networking evening), annual dinner and other social events on a regular basis.

▪  Study Groups

As part of the ASHK's new initiative "Young Actuaries Scheme" in 2016, ASHK organizes study groups to support young members to maximize their study efforts and master actuarial examinations successfully.  Details can be found in the Fact Sheet.

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