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Current Subscription

The membership year of the ASHK runs from 1 October to 30 September.  After the approval at the Extraordinary General Meeting of 12 December 2016, the 2016/17 annual subscription fees are as follows:

Fellow Member            HK$2,400 per person
Associate Member       HK$1,500 per person
Student Member          HK$400 per person

Subscription notice will be sent to members in September of each year for membership renewal and annual dues.  Members who do not pay their subscription fee by the end of December will have their membership automatically terminated.

  New Membership

The membership application fee for new members is as follows:

Fellow Member            HK$2,400 per person
Associate Member       HK$1,500 per person
Student Member          WAIVED

Applications should be accompanied by payment of the new membership application fee (WAIVED for Student members) plus the 2016/17 annual subscription fee.

New members joining the ASHK after 1 April 2017, will only need to pay the new membership application fee (WAIVED for Student members) plus half the annual subscription fee.

  Change of Membership Status 

Current members who wish to change their membership status during the year are not required to pay their new status’ subscription fee if they have already settled their old status’ subscription fee.

  Reinstatement of Membership Status 

Members who have let their membership lapsed are required to pay a reinstatement charge of HK$500 plus the 2016/17 annual subscription fee if they wish to restore their membership status.

For the reason of relocation overseas or retirement, members who have resigned can receive a waiver of reinstatement charge.

  Deferral and Waiver of Subscription Fees 

Members in good standing who become involuntarily unemployed and is seeking full-time employment may be entitled to apply for a deferral of subscription fees at the time the subscription fee become payable (on 1 October).

The deferral will be withdrawn if the members become employed during the membership year (being 1 October to 30 September) at which time the pro-rata balance of the current year’s subscription dues are payable.  Members will be responsible for informing the ASHK of the change in employment status.

The deferred subscription fees may be waived at membership year’s end upon submission of a signed statement that members remained unemployed for the entire year and are actively seeking employment.

A subscription fees waiver for unemployment may be granted for a maximum of 2 consecutive years.  Requests for a continuation of subscription fee waiver must be submitted annually and the employment status reaffirmed.

Members whose deferral or waiver request have been approved is entitled to receive the ASHK general mailings free of charge for the period under consideration.  Should the members wish to attend the luncheon of the Annual General Meeting, an appropriate charge will apply.

To apply for a subscription fees deferral or waiver, please submit a written request describing particular circumstance to the ASHK Membership & Publications Committee at email: or fax: (852) 2147 2497.  Approval of requests will be at the Council’s discretion.

  Discounted Rate for Retired Members 

Retired Members are granted a discounted rate of 80% on membership subscription fee. However, they are required to submit a declaration form stating that they are aged 65 or above and no longer in full-time employment at the point of application for new/reinstated members and membership renewal.

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