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International Committee
Welcome to the International Committee of the ASHK.  Since 2017, the China Committee and Asia Committee have been re-organised into one committee called the International Committee. 

The scope of this Committee includes:
 • To support further knowledge development and sharing among ASHK members about other insurance markets, regulations and relevant development
 • To support though leadership, member education and research within the ASHK on relevant social, economic and financial issues
 • To support opportunities to enhance the exchange of information and interactions with other IAA member actuarial organisations in line with the ASHK mission
  Mr. Billy Wong, Gain Miles Group [billywong@gainmiles.com.hk]  
Members (to be updated in 2019)
  Mr. Christian Bettels              
  Mr. Ken Chan
  Mr. Devadeep Gupta
  Mr. Jeff Lau
  Mr. Phil Joubert                     
  Mr. Stuart Leckie                   
  Ms. Ruoxu Liu                                      
  Mr. Eric Lu                     
  Mr. Sheldon Yu                
  Mr. Michael Zheng                


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